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the Way of Awen

  In Wales, Cornwall, and Breton in the United Kingdom, Awen is often described as a muse or inspiration for artists, poets, and musicians alike. 

  In the Druidic faith, Awen is known as the flowing spirit that drives the essence of life. In modern Druidry, you are "called to a path" that you will then work on perfecting for the rest of your journey. 

  As a member of the Druidic faith myself, Awen inspired me to pursue my curiosity of herbal medicine and homeopathy to create skincare products that aligned with my spirituality and love of nature. 

  I will never stop working on perfecting and expanding my knowledge of plants and the properties thereof. I never want to put a product out that does not have a purpose - I always expect results. I test everything on myself, my friends, and my husband when he lets me. 

  "Saining frae a' ill rea", that you will notice in some of my packaging or throughout my website in relation to Awen Apothecary, is a Scots Gaelic phrase that loosely translates to, "To bestow protection from all ill trouble". This is a perfect representation of what I want these products to inspire for you.

  I want you to indulge in the ritual of self-care through products from the Earth. Self-care should be healing and renewing both physically and spiritually. 


   Edith Grace

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