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Western United States Highland Games

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

I started dipping my toes into the great sea of the Scottish Highland Games in 2019, I was ready to dive right in to my first full year only to be stopped abruptly by COVID-19 shut downs after my first two games of 2020.

With things opening back up in 2021, I set a goal to compete in one Highland Games competition each month in 2021 (COVID permitting...)

I started looking into where and when games were happening and was quickly flustered by the lack of resources and a comprehensive list of games happening not only in my state (Idaho), but the surrounding states. It seems games are advertised primarily through Facebook and word-of-mouth, which is not sustainable and does not help new athletes to enter into the world of Highland Athletics. However, this method of communication is completely understandable with there being a lack of free and also easy-to-use websites.

In diving into researching where and when Highland Games were happening, I realized that I already had a website set up, and was already 1/3 of the way through my list of games in the Western US and I am probably one of the few people on this planet who enjoys making spreadsheets of comprehensive lists.

So I took it upon myself to create a complete list of the Highland Games in the Western Unites States!*

*Disclaimer: This list might not include *all* of the games in these states! As I said previously, a lot of organizations are small and/or do not have the funding to put towards a fancy website and good advertising. Along with the lack of information, it's also been COVID for the past (almost) three years, so the majority of these games have not had a game since 2019! This combination of hard to find information AND outdated information makes it pretty difficult to find accurate dates, locations, and contact info.

That being said, PLEASE HELP ME CORRECT THIS! If you see something missing or inaccurate please contact me here and let me know so I can correct this ASAP.

I would also love any and all feedback! Is there info you wish was on there that isn't? Please let me know! Is the layout confusing? Tell me! I want to make this as user friendly and clear as possible so we can all be more organized athletes and spectators!

Feel free to share this list and host the link on your website(s) or Social Media!

Sláinte Mhath!

Edith Grace Dull, Idaho

If you really love this, find it useful, would like to help keep it fresh and have the means, I accept small donations to keep my website up! $1 here and there does WONDERS!

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Gretchen Yoder
Gretchen Yoder

That's a pretty amazing list! FYI for 2022, The McMinnville Scottish Festival in Oregon is hopefully going to go back to our regular schedule of the 2nd weekend in June. We just couldn't deal with cancelling 2 years in a row so we found the best possible solution for '21. Thank you for getting this all together!

Edith Grace
Edith Grace

Thanks so much Gretchen! I'll make sure to update McMinnville recurring date to 2nd weekend in June!

Your comment did just made me realize that for all the games that did announce they were not returning for 2021, I should have put "POSTPONED 2022" instead of "CANCELLED 2021" so at least people could plan for their return! 😐

I'm so happy that people are finding this useful!

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